Ce Ce Rogers – Someday

All time classic for sure. Cool little backstory on the recording of the vocals from Marshall Jefferson himself too: “I recorded Ce Ce’s warm up and told him to go back to his hotel. It was absolutely phenomenal. Ce Ce panicked and asked to re sing it. I said no at 1st, then finally gave in, but my mind was made up. I told Steve Frisk, the engineer to record him while I went to Macdonalds. When I came back, Ce Ce seemed a bit more satisfied with the second vocal. I took it home and listened to it, but the second vocal seemed a bit contrived compared to the 1st.

My next trip to the east coast, I let Merlin Bobb at Atlantic hear it and he signed it immediately. He also played it on the radio the night he got it.

Ce Ce panicked again and asked Billy and Atlantic to send him to Chicago to sing it one more time. Ce Ce flew to Chicago and re sang it, but this time I had Merlin backing me up that the original vocal sounded better and that’s what went on the record.”

Vril – Torus XXXII (124 Edit)

Giegling are a label known for their emotionally charged take on club music, and this cut from Vril has to be one of my favourites put out by them. A massively popular tune in its own right, I added a wee kick and hats as well as upping the tempo a wee bit to make this a bit more geared for the dancefloor, funny how a quick 15 minute edit in Ableton can turn a tune into a real weapon like this.