Alien Rain – Space Age

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Not actually the same record but I like theĀ  pic

Alien Rain is an all-acid project from Berlin native Milton Bradley. Acid with an attitude. Juxtaposing pumping 303 slides with a bleak atmosphere, ‘Space Age’ is a trip down the rabbit hole. The track features on Involve Records’ ‘Five Years in Love With Involve’ compilation which came out recently.

One of the best techno records I’ve heard in a while from a label who have their head switched on, definitely one to check out (Relevant links below). I’ve also added _Asstnt & Roll Dann’s ‘Chronicle of a Love Foretold’ from the comp to our upcoming best tracks of 2017 playlist which should be out fairly soon, so keep an eye out for that.

While you’re at it, Alien Rain’s self-released and self-titled series is worth looking into too. Consistently quality, at least one track from his catalogue is a great weapon to have.

Involve Records Bandcamp

Milton Bradley (Alien Rain) Bandcamp


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