B&M Mix 001

What we’d give to have had a night here

Finally got around to recording our first mix today. With coursework and going out over Easter as well as some travelling the two of us have been flat out, thankfully the first mix is a tasty one.

Went with a generally acidic vibe on this mix but nothing too heavy. There is a new Four Tet remix from me (Raymond) thrown in the mix too for good measure, expect more of our own tunes on the blog and in mixes in the future, hopefully have some signed too if we’re very lucky.

Over the next while we’ll be continually putting our own mixes up alongside guest mixes (If you’d like to send us a guest mix hit us up on our email) with each mix falling into either the banger or mash category. You can probably guess what sorta tunes would fit in each one. This one’s fulla bangers.


Lake Haze – S.M.H.

Palms Trax – Sumo Acid Crew

Dircsen – Encounter

Da Posse – In The Heat of The Night (Black Madonna’s It’s Called acid Mix)

Swill – Damp (Demuja Mix)

Virgo Four – It’s A Crime (Caribou Mix)

Cheaper Shepherd – Fiat 500

Percussions – Digital Arpeggios (RM Mix)

Ejeca – TB5AM

Matrixxman – Rites



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