Timmy Stewart’s Inside the City Mix for Belfast

It’s safe to say that Timmy Stewart is one of the biggest legends in the Belfast scene and someone we continuously look up to due to his longevity, passion and commitment to music of all types. This excellent inside the city mix he put together recently paints a picture of the sound of Belfast from all corners of music. It features a ridiculous 60 tracks in 30 minutes, and really is a treat to the ears.


With the end of the week in sight many of us are knackered or at least a little frazzled. We’ve put together another Fried Eggs playlist to remind you you’re not the only one. The playlist’s tone is a bit darker this time around; mountain music which will haunt you tonight and some dark midnight grooves. The Aphex Twin track has an abrasive enough intro but bear with it, it pays off in the sonic sunset he paints in the melody. Don’t miss out on the Imaginary Softwoods track ‘Day Of Silence’ featured, for some reason (I assume copyright) is named ‘Untitled 7’ on Youtube. One of the most beautiful tracks I’ve heard in a while. I hope that you enjoy and that this is what your head needs!

Fried Eggs #1

This playlist is for everyone with a head like a big plate of fried eggs at the minute. If you’re blue or run down for any reason at all, hopefully these tracks we’ve picked out fit your mood and help you to regulate those feelings. This might become a regular feature, a nice change of pace from straight up dance.