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This track was made for Afterhomework Paris’ 2017 Fashion Week show. A start-up fresh to the fashion game, for its most recent runout at Paris Fashion Week they invited a few friends down to collaborate. This is where MMX DELTA comes in, along with several others. Jan Melka, another artist based in Paris, produced the above artwork and it was actually by way of her Instagram page that we came upon this! (All links down below)

I don’t know a whole pile about MMX aside from the fact that his work exemplifies a lot of DIY creativity. He has a number of aliases with different musical styles ranging from techno to psychedelic-tinged rock (see his Soundcloud below). His website has a sleek, brutalist design and is semi-interactive with the user. Violent and moody but the style is seductive for all of that. You’ll find yourself clicking all it has to click, to try and figure it out.

Step On itself has a lot of personality. Shifting and ebbing drums inject this semi-ambient track with a degree of downtempo danceability. It oozes stylishness and one can hear how well suited the tune would have been to Afterhomework’s fashion week show. Colourful synth lines punctuate and shimmer throughout the track. I was completely unfamiliar with MMX DELTA previously, and to be honest I’m not sure that I know a whole lot more. Regardless, I think this one deserves a watchful eye.

MMX DELTA Soundcloud

Jan Melka Instagram

Afterhomework Paris


Alien Rain – Space Age

If for some reason you want to know what this give me a shout
Not actually the same record but I like the  pic

Alien Rain is an all-acid project from Berlin native Milton Bradley. Acid with an attitude. Juxtaposing pumping 303 slides with a bleak atmosphere, ‘Space Age’ is a trip down the rabbit hole. The track features on Involve Records’ ‘Five Years in Love With Involve’ compilation which came out recently.

One of the best techno records I’ve heard in a while from a label who have their head switched on, definitely one to check out (Relevant links below). I’ve also added _Asstnt & Roll Dann’s ‘Chronicle of a Love Foretold’ from the comp to our upcoming best tracks of 2017 playlist which should be out fairly soon, so keep an eye out for that.

While you’re at it, Alien Rain’s self-released and self-titled series is worth looking into too. Consistently quality, at least one track from his catalogue is a great weapon to have.

Involve Records Bandcamp

Milton Bradley (Alien Rain) Bandcamp


Millsart – A1 (Every Dog Has Its Day Vol. 4)

This is one of Mr. Mills lesser known tracks under his Millsart alias. Here we see the Detroit pioneer go for a sound that’s much more reminiscent of the early Detroit and UR stuff which of course he had a huge part in helping create. Many people know him for his harder edged uncompromising techno sound but tunes like this show a deeper side to his productions.

I love the inviting melody and groove on this track. Think it’d work perfectly late into a set or as a warm up to get people moving a bit more too.

Sal Dulu – Antasma

Sal Dulu’s new single isn’t one to sleep on but perhaps is one to sleep to. Soft vocal and instrumental samples throughout really give this track a cool, dreamy character. Smart juxtaposition of textures from hip hop alongside some electronic elements lay down a really smooth and sleepy vibe.

For more smoothness check out ‘Duluoz Dream’ on his SoundcloudSal’s also been getting some quality attention with shout outs from the Irish Observe and Nialler via The Irish Times. As always, it’s great to see good, fresh producers coming out of Ireland. Keep your eyes peeled for more lovely softness from Sal in the future. 

Sal Dulu Facebook

Didacte – Amazone

This is some lovely ambient electronic from Didacte, featured on the German Shika Shika collective’s recent ECO compilation. Amazone splays the mind’s eye with images of soggy, South American undergrowth. Well suited to those moments of downtime, this is a good palette cleanser if you want something quite atmospheric without too much complexity. Didacte’s other productions have a similar cinematic feel to them but with a dance edge, if that’s your thing, have a gander at his Soundcloud for some of those.

Amazone, and the rest of this compilation are up on Shika Shika’s bandcamp for whatever price you like, have a look into it. With Christmas coming up this could be a nifty gift for a loved one.(All links will be below) If you like this tune and wish to delve deeper, Shika Shika’s other releases run in the same vein as this one. A label/collective with some innovative aims and ideals their bio reads, “We want to bring together producers from around the world exploring the line between organic and electronic music.” 

For cool electronic music with a world/latin skew definitely check them out.

ECO (V.A.) – Bandcamp

Didacte Soundcloud

Didacte Facebook

Shika Shika Facebook