b+m Mix: Ian DPM NYE 2018

This mix has been sitting on the shelf for a while. Last NYE was the closing party of Buyers Club’s upstairs music venue, Archive and Cherry Mango found themselves at the helm of proceedings and brought Ian DPM up to Liverpool for the final hurrah.

The set itself didn’t disappoint, Ian really took it through the paces, drawing from the vast array of styles featured on Definite Party Material, Ian shelled it up rightly. The set took it through the paces and moved smoothly between styles.

There was more too, but the first 40 minutes of the set were lost in the void. A really fitting goodbye for a room which was very special, albeit a little misunderstood.

Enjoy, keep an ear out for the countdown from Archive’s Nick Ibbetson too, golden.

Further Listening:

Definite Party Material



Cherry Mango

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