Erre – Vai Nonno Vai

Dance averse italo business here from Erre. Vai Nonno Vai punches in at 2:17 and is guaranteed to leave you wistful for more. Certainly a tune for a rainy autumn day.

This one comes off of Pizzico Records’ ‘Pizzico Nobel’ sub-label, which hasn’t released for a while but is squarely aimed in the direction of Cosmic and Italo Disco. Erre himself is a bit of a mystery, a quick dig doesn’t turn up much, apart from this clunky translation on a Traxsource bio of a Ma Spaventi release. Is Erre Ma Spaventi? I’m unconvinced, nor does it really matter.

The B Side ‘DK Style’ is a lot more dance focused and worth checking as well.

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