Juno Lazermachine – Interstellar Parade

Artwork: ZovietZpace
Bring back 70’s Sci-Fi

This one comes by way of Juno Lazermachine, via Electro Music Coalition. ‘Interstellar Parade’ is the half-way point if you like, on Juno Lazermachine’s ‘Cosmic Resonance’ album. The rest of the album is well worth checking out. Don’t be mistaken though, while rest of the album shares the same kind of shimmering sound Interstellar Parade, the rest of the work is a lot more hard edged and gritty. This track is very much the respite from the madness.

Electro Music Coalition are worth keeping an eye on in general, if you aren’t already. A Russian outfit consistently putting out Eastern heat. Big respect too, on the really killer releases all the Bandcamp snippets are warped. If you want the goods, drop the dough.

Electro Music Coalition

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