Kenny Hawkes & Louise Carver – Play The Game

A 2002 throwback from one the U.K originators. Kenny Hawkes was station manager at Girls FM pirate radio station, and was major part of the 90s wave of ballsy DJs coming out of the U.K.

Dubbed the ‘Dark Lord of House Music’, in Hawkes’ dance music his Dub influences really shine through. Although the grooves are high energy, they have that dark mystique about them that you hear in a lot of the trippier Dub stuff.

Hawkes passed away in 2011 and his daughter Inez now runs manages his releases (on Bandcamp at least, I can’t speak for elsewhere). When an artist passes away there’s always that concern that their loved ones are no longer able to have a say or a stake in their work, but gladly this is not the case here. You may be also interested to know that Idjut Boys – One For Kenny is dedicated to K. Hawkes.

Further listening:

Bandcamp Link

Girls FM

One For Kenny

Remembering Kenny Hawkes

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