Lab Rat XL – Lab Rat 3

Had a bit of a break over Easter cuz we’ve been on a bit of a mad one with the AVA Castle Party last Saturday and KiNK at Shine Easter Monday (reviews coming soonish) but back and fully recovered now. Whopper tune today too.

There’s a huge mystique surrounding Drexciya. Their unique take on electro and the mythology they ingrained in their music is really interesting, and both members have some great music released on separate aliases too.

This tune in particular is one of my favourites from James Stinson (R.I.P) and is one of the last records he made before his untimely death back in 2002. I’ve found a lot of the electro stuff released by Donald/Stinson either alone or together under Drexciya to be a bit hard to get into, but the tracks I enjoy I really, really enjoy. This track is one of them.

I find there’s a sense of melancholy and mystery in this tune for sure, and the loopy melodic aspect is a real catch and one which I think is really dreamy. Such an atmosphere to this one.

If you’d like to find out more about the Drexciya lads I’d highly recommend checking out The Drexciya Research Lab. Some class and really interesting stuff on there.

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