Next up on our guest mix series we have Sputnik One! In the past we’ve featured his original track ‘Birdcall’ on the blog. Sputnik’s creations have a striking cinematic feel to them. An element which is intentional and explored through the visual sequences which accompany many of his productions. As you can see here in the linked video for ‘Proof of Absence.’ S1’s recently released Proof of Absence EP is essential listening, going for a bargain 1 Euro 50 on his bandcamp. The unique style is proof that ambient and dance electronic music can meet on the dancefloor.

The mix itself is perfect for home relaxed listening or for party preparation. Trippy, soothing house and some menacing breaks will wash you away in the groove. Find the mix and tracklist below!


1: Chaino & His African Percussion Safari – The Feast Dance (Sau Poler Refix)

2: Sputnik One – Rush Hour

3: Huerco S – Untitled (trp’s acid cut)

4: Sputnik One – Proof of Absence

5: See Other – Waiting

6: Susumu Yakota – King of Darkness

7: Ishi Vu – Uh… Your Heart is Melting

8: Soundstream – Rainmaker

9: DJ Boneyard – Original

10: Viers – Moonlighting

11: Sputnik One – Linger

12: General Ludd – Drum Circle

13: Hunter/Game – Isolation

14: Artefakt – Fernweh

15: Seth Troxler, Tom Trago – De Natte Cel (Maxi Mill Remix)


We’ve been sitting on this mix for a couple of weeks now, you may have seen our announcement regarding our B&M party in the Eglantine where Conor will be playing. We can’t wait to hear two hours of gold from the big man. Anyone unsure whether to stop by the Eg on the 5th of August, direct yourself to the play button below immediately. No messing about here, Conor swaggers between moods and genres flawlessly, if you can resist the groove on this you are undoubtedly a robot. Both mix and tracklist below. Conor’s in the kitchen, enjoy your dinner.

  1. Tell – Y’all Feel That Honey (Paradise Mix)
  2. Tensnake – Need Your Lovin’ (Tiger & Woods Remix)
  3. Amelia Airhorn – Miracle
  4. Karizma – Work It Out
  5. Liem – Brother’s Keeper
  6. Etienne de Crecy – BeatCrush (Boris Dlugosch Remix)
  7. Marquis Hawkes – Feel The Music
  8. Body Varials – Coffee Club
  9. ONO – Don’t Know Why (Edit)
  10. Dub Striker – Piano House Track
  11. Jakwob – Feel So Good (TRACE7000 Remix)
  12. Sister Sledge – You Fooled Around (Mighty Mouse Edit)
  13. Daniel Leseman – Drums
  14. Cajmere & Wayne Williams – Acid House
  15. Detroit Swindle – The Wrap Around
  16. COHN -Do 4 Luv
  17. Redlight – City Jams
  18. Escape – Kiss
  19. Folamour – When She Moves, I’m Moved
  20. Underworld – Born Slippy (Alma & Mater Edit)

B&M Mix 004 – Just Doc.

For our second guest mix, we’ve got a very special hour of music from Belfast based producer Conor Doherty, or Just Doc. as he’s better known. He’s very kindly provided us with a sizzling hour of original and fresh unreleased productions that traverse the house, techno and progressive spectrums providing deep grooves, melancholic pianos and euphoric synths. At times the mixes flows in a beautiful fashion as tracks seamlessly blend and bleed into one another with an impeccable ease.

Expect big things from Conor in the future then. He recently had a deep, dubby groover released on Tronic Records which you can purchase here. Don’t forget to catch him over on his Facebook and Soundcloud accounts too.

We’ve also just started our own Facebook page so we won’t be wrecking your heads on our personals anymore, check us out and give us a cheeky wee like here.

B&M RADIO 31/05/17

Last show of the year! Quiet enough one this week, probably because I didn’t post the link on Facebook in good time. No worries though just worked through some of tracks I’ve been enjoying for the hour or so. Have had an absolute ball with the radio this year, feel like I’ve made the most of it but not taken it too seriously, just been enjoying that wee hour every week.

It’ll be September before I’m back at it sadly but at least there’s that to look forward to! I’ll also have to find a replacement for these posts on the blog, will need some sort of structured playlisting to hold me over! Also as a sidenote, we’re both at AVA this weekend, we’ll try to keep posts consistent but it may be difficult due to intoxication or insensibility.


Muujuice – Cyrillic Acid

Washed Out – Paracosm

Cyril Hahn – Slow (Feat Rochelle Jordan)

Ratatat – Wildcat

Jaako Eino Kalevi – Macho

Tommy Guerrero – The Lone Pistolero

Osibisa – Sunshine Day


Mall Grab – B.F.O.D.A.A.S.

Childish Gambino – Pink Toes (Feat Jhene Aiko)

Orbital – Belfast