Nils Frahm Xmas Mix 2017


To all of our followers out there, we wish you all the best over Christmas and hope yas have an enjoyable few days with family and friends. This mix should certainly help you get in the festive spirit and features an assortment of jazz, classical and blues to make ya feel all warm and joyful on the inside. I especially love how Frahm and Torsten Posselt use really old, slightly damaged records that give off that warm feeling from the vinyl crackling.

We’ve a couple of end of year round ups coming up over the next few days and then we’ll have some big tings planned for the new year too.

To everyone who’s supported, viewed, shared, loved/hated everything we’ve done over the past 9 or so months since we started the blog – thank you. Sharing music is a beautiful thing and it’s amazing to see the love we’re putting on tunes being reciprocated back to us from everyone who views the site and shares our stuff.

Here’s to the next 12 months of music.

Happy Christmas x

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