Worldwide Epidemic – Untitled

Mouth watering tambourine techno here from Worldwide Epidemic. An all round great EP of mostly jungle and breaks.

If you check this tune on Youtube, Worldwide Epidemic (AKA Liquid Silk) credits Ron Wells (Jack Smooth) as his main inspiration, which makes a lot of sense. The two have actually worked together under the alias RWDS, which is well worth seeking out.

Vivid Recordings are the heads behind this release, the rest of their catalogue is well worth checking out. Most of the work wouldn’t seem out of place alongside either 90s jungle and breaks or more of the contemporary moody breaks stuff, but they’ve got that web 2.0 vaporwave slant about them which doesn’t take itself too seriously. Cool stuff.

Kenny Hawkes & Louise Carver – Play The Game

A 2002 throwback from one the U.K originators. Kenny Hawkes was station manager at Girls FM pirate radio station, and was major part of the 90s wave of ballsy DJs coming out of the U.K.

Dubbed the ‘Dark Lord of House Music’, in Hawkes’ dance music his Dub influences really shine through. Although the grooves are high energy, they have that dark mystique about them that you hear in a lot of the trippier Dub stuff.

Hawkes passed away in 2011 and his daughter Inez now runs manages his releases (on Bandcamp at least, I can’t speak for elsewhere). When an artist passes away there’s always that concern that their loved ones are no longer able to have a say or a stake in their work, but gladly this is not the case here. You may be also interested to know that Idjut Boys – One For Kenny is dedicated to K. Hawkes.

Further listening:

Bandcamp Link

Girls FM

One For Kenny

Remembering Kenny Hawkes

b+m Mix: Ian DPM NYE 2018

This mix has been sitting on the shelf for a while. Last NYE was the closing party of Buyers Club’s upstairs music venue, Archive and Cherry Mango found themselves at the helm of proceedings and brought Ian DPM up to Liverpool for the final hurrah.

The set itself didn’t disappoint, Ian really took it through the paces, drawing from the vast array of styles featured on Definite Party Material, Ian shelled it up rightly. The set took it through the paces and moved smoothly between styles.

There was more too, but the first 40 minutes of the set were lost in the void. A really fitting goodbye for a room which was very special, albeit a little misunderstood.

Enjoy, keep an ear out for the countdown from Archive’s Nick Ibbetson too, golden.

Further Listening:

Definite Party Material



Cherry Mango

b+m Mix: Pruca

It’s b+m’s Raymond alongside his creative compadre Adam as Pruca on the mix duties here. The pair met in Glasgow a while back and have been DJing together since, keep an eye for future club nights from the fellas. Despite now being more spread out across space and time, the two linked up to lay down this mix

For best results turn down the lights and draw the curtains. An hour of moody basslines, jittery rhythms and melodies wrought with bittersweet emotion.

Bawrut – Three Sounds

Ziggy stardust x Pyramids

‘Three Sounds’ comes from Bawrut’s 2018 EP ‘4×4’. Bawrut is a consistently innovative and fresh producer. You may remember his tune ‘Ciquita‘ as well, which repurposed mobile phone interference as a melody. Make up your mind for yourself on that one but regardless of your own opinion, it makes for some fairly funny Youtube comments.

Anyway, Three Sounds is a killer high-energy dance floor number. The bass and percussive melodies, Bawrut’s trademark silver bullets, raise the roof and push things along very nicely.

Further listening: last month’s Pronto Arpeggio. A departure from the low-end focused sounds to more euphoric, melodic dance numbers.