B&M MIX 11 – Matt From Dell & Conor Gibson

Beers, Bines & BBQ
Conor & Matt

The 11th iteration of our mix series is comes courtesy of Liverpool heads Matt From Dell and Conor Gibson. The vibe on this one is perfect for the lead up to summer. Two proper house heads, the tracklist reads like a who’s who of house and electronic music greats. Liverpool heads, you can catch Matt spinning over at The Reeds this Saturday the 28th at the Melodic Distraction Residents Party. (Link Below, tickets are a measly £4)

Keep an eye out for the Buyers Club DJ listings for May also, Conor and Matt will be rocking the Rane there during the month. Big things in store for these fellas, with plans to hit the studio over the summer and get on the production tip we’re excited to see what they’ve got lined up.

The energy in the mix is a smooth roll, starting with some of the softer shades of Detroit house, before amping up with some sweaty dancefloor numbers and then coming into a euphoric close.


MD Residents Party @ The Reeds


Andrés – Drama Around The Corner

Seven Davis Jr – All Kinds

Armonics – Red Eye (Black Spuma remix)

Toro y Moi – New Beat

The Dandruff Truckers – Way Back

DSK – I’ll Keep Holdin’ On (Andrea Gemolotto Italian Remix)

Kraftwerk – Home Computer (Night Owl Remix)

Clyde – Serve It Up! (Brooks HipHouse Mix)

Ignitt Techno – OB Ignitt

Idjut Boys & LAJ – Foolin’ (Return of the Z Man)

Afrojack – Soundworm

Ataxia – Acid Overlook (Terrence Parker & Merachka Instrumental Remix)

Darlin’ Playa – Phonk D

The Reese Project – The Colour Of Love (Underground Resistance 12″ Mix)

Sal Dulu – Tyko

You may remember we featured Sal Dulu’s work on the blog a while back! He made a quite a splash with his tracks Dulouz Dream and Antasma back in 2017On ‘Tyko’ Sal has raised the bar higher, whilst remaining true to his own cool and laid-back style of electronic music. The rhythm section’s strong on this one, with crunchy lo-fi drums that could fit into a hip hop instrumental just as nicely as they do here.

The playful use of samples here really inject the track with personality. On Tyko they’ve been drawn from a diverse range of sources including field recordings of random street noise and dialogue from a Japanese game show. Given the resonant synth and brass melodies throughout the track, it’s unsurprising that SD cites Jazz and electronic as two main influences.

Reppin’ Dublin, Sal Dulu’s productions are another great example of the fresh and interesting music popping up more and more back in Ireland! You can stream Tyko and the rest of Sal’s music on the usual digital platforms, Soundcloud embed is above if you somehow missed it!

Sal Dulu Facebook

Sal Dulu Soundcloud

S.A.M. – Better To Have Loved

Deep, melodic blend of acoustic and electronic elements producing this humanised techno jam. Released last year on S.A.M.’s Dream State Of A Bellmaker. I found this to be a really interesting track combining elements of different influences to make something  quite unique that could also work on a dancefloor too (in the right context), definitely one for the heads.

S.A.M. Soundcloud

Hudson Alexander – 7AM

As the title suggests, 7am depicts the feeling when your night spills over into the morning. Subdued rhythms overlaid with warm, crackling, analog melodies sound like the dying embers of a good party.

Out on Toronto’s Bedroomer late last year, Hudson Alexander flicks through moods on his four track EP We’re gunna have a party. He proves himself more than capable of injecting energy into his music on the title track.

Bedroomer are a collective/label worth checking out too. The emphasis they place on putting on quality, local artists is both admirable and important for any growing music scene. You can check out Hudson Alexander and Bedroomer below!

Hudson Alexander Soundcloud

Bedroomer Bandcamp

Om Unit – What It Is

late nite street lights

Idle Hands have been a beacon of quality in the Bristol scene for quite a few years now and this tune from Om Unit’s 2016 release is a shining example of the top notch output the label have become known for. Their record store is always a good spot for a nice dig with friendly, knowledgeable staff and the label has provided some quality musical moments over the past while from the likes of Shanti Celeste and Outboxx.

This tune was a favourite from an excellent EP and showed a bit of a different side to Om Unit who is more known in the DnB’ and dubstep scenes. Clocking in at 100 BPM, this is a great set opener or warm up track, and when played up toward the 120 range it can actually be a bit of a weapon. Reminiscent of the deeper shades of house, this is a lovely atmospheric trip that develops beautifully.

Another favourite of mine from Om Unit is this remix of Blocks & Escher, a pulsing, unique take on DnB’ that I found to be really unique and interesting. Big Upz’.

Om Unit Facebook


Idle Hands Site