Laurent Garnier – Rising Spirit

“That first trip to Detroit wasn’t life-changing. I didn’t like the music from Detroit more because I had breathed the city air. But what Detroit did teach me was the importance of putting your heart and soul into your music. The reason why Detroit techno strikes a chord with me is because its producers lay bare their souls in their music. They lay bare their sorrows, their resentment, their wounds and their hope. Derrick May’s words kept going round inside my head, ‘You don’t make a record for fun, man.’

If the music of Chicago shoots from the hip, the music of Detroit has always spoken straight to the heart. It can bring tears to my eyes. It produces an intense emotional reaction. Records like “World 2 World” or “Strings Of Life” are the soundtracks to my life. I can listen to them time and time again and still feel the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end. This cannot be manufactured. This is real.” – Laurent Garnier from his 2003 book Electrochoc.

M83 – Car Chase Terror/Slight Night Shiver

I think this might be one of my favourite album sequences ever. Two totally contrasting tunes which convey a sense of complete terror and calmness at the same time, when the chaos of car chase terror ends and the notes of slight night shiver wistfully come into play, it really is a beautiful moment. Thankfully one YouTube user has stitched the two together so I don’t have to haha. The dialogue in car chase terror seems to put a lot of people off this tune, but I think it really adds a sense of atmosphere to the instrumental in the background, and the motorway noises which appear throughout the length of both tracks are a superb touch I think. If only slight night shiver was just longer, 2 minutes really isn’t enough.