Om Unit – What It Is

late nite street lights

Idle Hands have been a beacon of quality in the Bristol scene for quite a few years now and this tune from Om Unit’s 2016 release is a shining example of the top notch output the label have become known for. Their record store is always a good spot for a nice dig with friendly, knowledgeable staff and the label has provided some quality musical moments over the past while from the likes of Shanti Celeste and Outboxx.

This tune was a favourite from an excellent EP and showed a bit of a different side to Om Unit who is more known in the DnB’ and dubstep scenes. Clocking in at 100 BPM, this is a great set opener or warm up track, and when played up toward the 120 range it can actually be a bit of a weapon. Reminiscent of the deeper shades of house, this is a lovely atmospheric trip that develops beautifully.

Another favourite of mine from Om Unit is this remix of Blocks & Escher, a pulsing, unique take on DnB’ that I found to be really unique and interesting. Big Upz’.

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Idle Hands Site

The MFA – The Difference It Makes (Superpitcher Mix)

I reckon this is one of my favourite songs ever made. Although the original mix is excellent, the Superpitcher mix trumps it for me with that longing, euphoric synth line and bass alongside those occasional vocal snippets.

I sometimes find it difficult to talk about why tunes really, really resonate with me, and this one just leaves me a wee bit speechless. A song yearning for the early hours of the morning, definitely a piece of pure and unadulterated beauty.

DJ Metatron – The Colour (Sad Sad Euphoria Breakbeat Mix)

I was really gutted earlier last month when I heard the news that the mysterious Prince of Denmark would be retiring that alias. Under DJ Metatron/Prince of Denmark/Traumprinz the German producer has made some of the most emotionally melancholic dance-floor tunes I’ve heard. I can only hope that the Traumprinz and DJ Metatron aliases are still active.

The tune above is a real gem and I think the ‘sad sad euphoria’ tag fits this perfectly, one of those wondrous tunes that inspires feelings of hope and of sadness all in one. Making something like this must be so difficult but when done right it is just something else. Perfect for a mid-life or quarter-life crisis.