Ever Vivid – Lost Love

Take two steps forward, take ten steps back.

This really is a masterpiece from Nick Dunton – A hypnotic little slice of electro, as melancholic as it is euphoric with vocals that are as good as they come. I’ve found this to be a track that I can just stick on repeat and never get tired of, the slowly evolving chords are probably my favourite draw here, but I’m also a sucker for the vocals.

Dunton seems to have only released a handful of tracks across a couple of aliases and you can check those out on his Discogs page here.

Thomas Bangalter – Desaccords

More stuff from the Irréversible soundtrack by T. Bang. Apparently the first half hour of this show had an inaudible low oscillating frequency designed to cause anxiety and nausea in the audience. Absolute madness, just like this tune.

Again, similar to the vibe of stress, the mood in this track is one of nervousness and paranoia. Bangalter masterfully created a sense of tension and unease on this soundtrack and perhaps this tune sums that up best.