b+m Mix: Pruca

It’s b+m’s Raymond alongside his creative compadre Adam as Pruca on the mix duties here. The pair met in Glasgow a while back and have been DJing together since, keep an eye for future club nights from the fellas. Despite now being more spread out across space and time, the two linked up to lay down this mix

For best results turn down the lights and draw the curtains. An hour of moody basslines, jittery rhythms and melodies wrought with bittersweet emotion.

Millsart – A1 (Every Dog Has Its Day Vol. 4)

This is one of Mr. Mills lesser known tracks under his Millsart alias. Here we see the Detroit pioneer go for a sound that’s much more reminiscent of the early Detroit and UR stuff which of course he had a huge part in helping create. Many people know him for his harder edged uncompromising techno sound but tunes like this show a deeper side to his productions.

I love the inviting melody and groove on this track. Think it’d work perfectly late into a set or as a warm up to get people moving a bit more too.