Ever Vivid – Lost Love

Take two steps forward, take ten steps back.

This really is a masterpiece from Nick Dunton – A hypnotic little slice of electro, as melancholic as it is euphoric with vocals that are as good as they come. I’ve found this to be a track that I can just stick on repeat and never get tired of, the slowly evolving chords are probably my favourite draw here, but I’m also a sucker for the vocals.

Dunton seems to have only released a handful of tracks across a couple of aliases and you can check those out on his Discogs page here.

Dream Chimney – You Belong To Me (Dub)

Might be too hot
Long Time No See.

A solid summer slow-jam from Dream Chimney. As proprietors of their blog, they’ve been dishing out obscure music of various flavours for quite a while. If you’re not yet on it get on it. Their track of the day series in particular is worth keeping up with.

Hopefully more to come from DC on the production front in the future, a sweaty groove injection like this is more than welcome on these long summer days. Head over to DC’s bandcamp and pay (or don’t but do) your own price for You Belong To Me. They’ve also recently put out the first volume in their Demo Tracks series, which is chock full of hazy tropical numbers. Enjoy.


Evil Bone – In Vain

Been on a psych rock tip recently, so this submission from Evil Bone landed on the palette nicely. The mix on In Vain is very tight, capturing that droned out, hazy vibe but without getting too muddled. Citing Tame Impala, Mortal Orchestra, and Kendrick Lamar as major influences, Evil Bone are striving to make music rooted in psychedelic rock which also draws from the soulfulness of other shades of music.

In Vain explores the pain borne by the struggle with Anxiety. In the words of the creator:

If this first release is anything to go by we’re extremely keen to see what more Evil Bone come up with. They’ve got an EP due this year, so keep your eyes peeled. SoundCloud link is above (how could you miss it), you can also catch Evil Bone’s music on the major streaming platforms.

Evil Bone Instagram

Sal Dulu – Tyko

You may remember we featured Sal Dulu’s work on the blog a while back! He made a quite a splash with his tracks Dulouz Dream and Antasma back in 2017On ‘Tyko’ Sal has raised the bar higher, whilst remaining true to his own cool and laid-back style of electronic music. The rhythm section’s strong on this one, with crunchy lo-fi drums that could fit into a hip hop instrumental just as nicely as they do here.

The playful use of samples here really inject the track with personality. On Tyko they’ve been drawn from a diverse range of sources including field recordings of random street noise and dialogue from a Japanese game show. Given the resonant synth and brass melodies throughout the track, it’s unsurprising that SD cites Jazz and electronic as two main influences.

Reppin’ Dublin, Sal Dulu’s productions are another great example of the fresh and interesting music popping up more and more back in Ireland! You can stream Tyko and the rest of Sal’s music on the usual digital platforms, Soundcloud embed is above if you somehow missed it!

Sal Dulu Facebook

Sal Dulu Soundcloud

S.A.M. – Better To Have Loved

Deep, melodic blend of acoustic and electronic elements producing this humanised techno jam. Released last year on S.A.M.’s Dream State Of A Bellmaker. I found this to be a really interesting track combining elements of different influences to make something  quite unique that could also work on a dancefloor too (in the right context), definitely one for the heads.

S.A.M. Soundcloud