Blu Terra – Western / Eastern

what do u see?
Patrick Savile

Running on the spot dance from Blu Terra here. A bit of a wot do u call it one, in the sense that there are sections you could corral in with trance, acid sections and a drum pattern throughout which is consistent with the breaks kicking about at the minute.

It doesn’t really matter what it’s called, it bangs irrespective. This one is sure to put a dancefloor through the blender. Stay woke on Cead, two releases down and shelling it.

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MK – Decay

Early 90s MK, before his music became as Top 40 focused. Tunes such as Burnin’, which still gets big love today, came from this period of MK’s productions.

Decay is a stellar bit of Detroit house with tight grooves matched by eerie, haunting melodic elements. A great track for mid-way through the night.

Regularfantasy – Party Girl Theme

High energy heat from Regularfantasy. This is a record that has all the bells and whistles get both the ‘discerning’ dancers and the big room heads on side. The main melodic theme is a sure fire party starter and those accompanying pads, a Regularfantasy trademark, give the tune a lovely depth. Mega stuff.

Another great release for Pear to have under the belt, a cracking label doing serious bits out of Dublin.

Further Listening:

Regularfantasy (Check the Plush Management & Plush Throw aliases)


Worldwide Epidemic – Untitled

Mouth watering tambourine techno here from Worldwide Epidemic. An all round great EP of mostly jungle and breaks.

If you check this tune on Youtube, Worldwide Epidemic (AKA Liquid Silk) credits Ron Wells (Jack Smooth) as his main inspiration, which makes a lot of sense. The two have actually worked together under the alias RWDS, which is well worth seeking out.

Vivid Recordings are the heads behind this release, the rest of their catalogue is well worth checking out. Most of the work wouldn’t seem out of place alongside either 90s jungle and breaks or more of the contemporary moody breaks stuff, but they’ve got that web 2.0 vaporwave slant about them which doesn’t take itself too seriously. Cool stuff.