Musk – Bitch Stole My Money

Jeez where to start with Musk. Although still active musicians, releases from the duo made up of Lennart Döring & Gerald Zollner aren’t so regular these days. (Although there is a potential album on the horizon).

All of their output (that I’m aware of via internet stalking anyway) is absolutely superb. Sitting somewhere just between the disco edit and straight up house, their sound has stacks of personality.

We’ll have to dedicate a full post to the best of Musk’s music at some point soon enough but for now, here’s the moody and brilliant Bitch Stole My Money.

DJ Central & Erika Casier – Drive (DJ Sports Club Mix)

It’s 2pm on a Thursday. Any hope of getting some work done evaporated during lunch. You can smell the weekend coming round the corner. Close your eyes at your desk and you can see the dance floor already.

You sneak off to the bathroom to have a little dance music break where you can really get in the zone. This time the algorithm’s on your side, and it puts this on a platter.

Erika Casier’s silky soft vocals combine forces with the melodic themes to make the equivalent of a sonic hug that tells you you’re home now, whilst nifty drums render this track ready for a moment of downtime on the dancefloor.

Anunaku – Whities 024

Occult worship heat from Whities
Indy Jones spec

Some records you check your bank balance before you buy, some you check your balance balance afterwards. This new from Anunaku (TVSI) brings the heat.

According to Whities’ own blurb, the productions on the EP follow on from Anunaku’s recent debut album, which was similarly inspired by drums and instruments from around the world. (‘Hossam’ from said album did the rounds big style).

After a couple of avant-wave type releases, this sees Whities back at it with the dancefloor killers. The opening track ‘Temples’ is reminiscent of the seething rage of 90s DnB (see Shadowboxing‘). The heavens crack open to allow through a sub-bass which demands attention and a super-tight break loop. Sounds like it should sound track an arcade game about fighting Aztec gods.

‘Forgotten Tales’ meanwhile, is a pouncing number with swinging snares for energy and a lovely set of toms. Not quite so menacing as the A1, but could certainly keep a dancefloor intact with the melody giving a little bit of euphoric respite too. These two are all we get from Anunaku for now, with ‘Bronze Age’ awaiting release in a couple of weeks’ time.

Kreggo – 1 2 3 4 (Secret Rave)

Secret Rave is going from strength to strength at the minute. Finding an average track on any of these compilation albums & EPs is not easy. This monster from Kreggo is a rather short cut but it comes in hard, hit it and quit it stylie.

If you’re not onto art-aud and the Secret Rave tapes it’s more than worthwhile to trawl through the back catalogue. Exciting stuff coming out of Italy, this project and the main man Kreggo are ones to watch.